We regret to announce that we are currently not able to offer any support

The decision to suspend our activities was not taken lightly, and all options were explored by our charity’s Board before reaching this conclusion.

Until further notice, we would recommend that you contact other homelessness charities, such as Shelter or Crisis, who will able to offer advice and support.

The charity is overseen and governed by an independent group of volunteer Trustees and supported in kind by a number of organisations

Our aim is to support and empower families in crisis to build a stable future.

Our Vision is to have the communities we work with at the heart of our services, ensure our services are shaped to fit the families and individuals we work with.

The work that we do provides real value to the lives of the people who contact us, and contributes positively to the local and wider community.  We support families with young children by providing an OFSTED rated play groups where we support hard to reach families to access health care and other essential services to aid their children’s develop and prepare for main stream schools.  We also support families who are struggling to make ends meet through our money management and welfare advice.  Finally, we support parents to become job ready through CV writing, job searching and supporting them into both voluntary and paid employment. 
Please note, our project does not provide accommodation, while we will do our best to supporrt families in crisis, we do not have access to property or emergency accommodation.