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About us

Every year, thousands of families become homeless. Why this happens isn’t an easy question to answer. For many there are multiple issues that may include domestic violence, relationship breakdown, debt and, for those who come from abroad, fleeing from danger, persecution and oppression. Whatever the reason, many families find themselves living in cramped, temporary accommodation with little security and even less hope.

We believe that everyone deserves the best quality of life possible. We want to see those families living in the most challenging of circumstances being given a fair chance of achieving a good quality of family life.

We are registered charity that has been transforming the lives of homeless families since 1986. Our objectives are to relieve poverty, advance education and provide facilities for child-care, recreation and leisure for homeless families living in Finsbury Park and the surrounding area.  We aim to support homeless families throughout their crisis of homelessness until they are settled in suitable accommodation.

Over 83% of our clients come from minority ethnic groups. We are absolutely dedicated to being an equal opportunities service. We treat everyone fairly regardless of gender, ethnic origin, sexual identity, age, religion, belief and disability.

We are run by a voluntary management committee and are a subsidiary of Outward Housing and part of the Newlon Group.

Our main office is located in the Finsbury Park area of North London on the borders of the London Boroughs of Islington, Hackney and Haringey.

Our mission is to empower homeless families and families in crisis to improve the quality of their lives and enable them to exercise their basic rights to equality, justice, security and recognition.

Our work in Finsbury Park

There are many hotels, hostels and reception centres in the Finsbury Park area. Because of this the area has long been associated with providing temporary accommodation for people from all over London alongside asylum seekers and Refugees.  Stays in temporary housing are often months or even years longer than they should be. This erodes family life, destroys confidence and puts the entire family under immense pressure. Children are forced to live to the same timetable as their parents, parents do not get any time away from their children and all often become disengaged from society as they struggle to cope in cramped, inadequate accommodation with little money and minimal access to support. We have been providing support to homeless families in the area for over 22 years and our services reflect their needs. We are proud to have established a solid reputation for making a difference and transforming the lives of the people that we support.

We help anyone who is homeless, regardless of race, nationality, faith, gender or sexual orientation. In fact, most of our clients come from minority ethnic groups and we provide services in their preferred language wherever possible. We are sensitive to the needs of the people we support, our staff and our volunteers and we actively promote equal and fair opportunity for all.

Our Donors

Our charity is supported by a range of statutory and philanthropic bodies which has included the London Boroughs of Hackney and Islington, the Hackney Learning Trust, London Councils, the Big Lottery Fund and the Tudor Trust. You can see a list of the organisations which have donated or pledged funding so far this year.  link to list.

Our management committee

Our management committee give their time voluntarily to support our work. We would like to extend our thanks for the valuable role they play in keeping us going through a challenging economic time..

  • Paul Wade (Chair)
  • Luke Weatherill
  • Susan Shakespeare
  • Peter Little
  • George Barrow
  • James Shea
  • Father Daniel Sandham
  • Sasha Trevelyn

In addition we are supported by a number of contributors and organisations suopporting the work we do

  • Anabel Palmer
  • Lianne Smith


Regulated by Ofsted

Our playgroup service is approved and inspected by Ofsted. In July 2016, Ofsted’s inspection rated our service as 'Good'.


Working in partnership with Outward

In 2012 Finsbury Park Homeless Families Project became a subsidiary of Outward, a charity that provides support to vulnerable adults. Outward is part of the Newlon Group. Details of Outward and Newlon can be found on their websites:  www.outward.org.uk and www.newlon.org.uk.

By operating as a subsidiary of Outward we are able to reduce costs by sharing some of our back office functions. The partnership also combines our specialism as a small, local charity with the professionalism of a much larger organisation.

However The Finsbury Park Homeless Families Project is not funded by Outward or Newlon and we depend entirely upon our own fundraising activities to fund our services.