How we help

On average, we work with 60 families each day, in the past two years over 1000 families have benefited from our support. It is fair to say that each family has a different story, but most have lived through traumatic and challenging situations.

What we do matters, without our services so many homeless families would be left struggling to cope, not knowing where to go to access the help and support they need. We tailor our services to meet the specific needs of each family, so every journey with us is different. However, what is common to everyone that we support is that every journey with us starts with a single, courageous step.

“I was always frightened to leave my abusive husband, because my English was so bad. But when he began to frighten my son I knew it was time to go. We moved into a hostel, it was frightening being alone and not being able to speak English….then we found The Finsbury Park Homeless Families Project and we weren't alone anymore. They arranged for me to meet with someone who spoke my language and they sorted everything out for us….my son even went to the playgroup and mixed with other children. After three months in the hostel we eventually we got a flat. Thanks to FPHFP I feel like our lives have started again, they even helped us to get money for a fridge”
Anya –
service user