Children’s Services

Living in cramped, temporary accommodation can be as traumatic for the child as it is for the parents. They can become isolated from other children and lose their ability to interact and play with others. We recognise that the needs of the child are as important as the needs of the parents. We provide specialist services that work proactively with children to encourage healthy play, social interaction with other children and develop confidence. Our services provide parents with the space to attend appointments, workshops or meet with their caseworker secure in the knowledge that their children are being cared for.

Play group

Our play group is run by qualified staff and operates Monday to Thursday each week from 09.00 to 13.00. The play group is an essential part of our service and gives children under the age of five the opportunity to learn through facilitated, healthy play and activities. The play group has been approved by OFSTED and meets the required standards for staff training and qualifications, quality of play, venue and play materials.

Outreach play

We provide a weekly play session for children under five at two reception centres in The London Borough of Islington. Play group activities reflect the children's cultural and individual needs and we provide a library of toys and books that the children borrow to use in their temporary accommodation. Outreach playgroup enables parents to interact with their children and other families in a warm and welcoming environment. Parents can share their worries and a range of parenting support is available if required. We actively encourage parent involvement with play activities.

Summer Play & Activities Programme

Each summer we arrange a programme of activities and events for families and their children. This is includes day trips to the seaside and tourist destinations, events in London such as picnics and barbeques and social get togethers. Our summer programme is popular with both children and parents because those that take part form friendships and are able to take a break from their often chaotic lives. We rely on donations to meet the cost of some activities and are always looking for ideas and suggestions to support our summer programme.

Working in partnership

Our services for children are run in partnership with the Islington Early Years and Childcare Partnership and the Children's Centre. Our services comply with The London Borough of Islington's Children and young People's Plan in relation to the social inclusion of "hard to reach" children. We also work in partnership with the Finsbury Park Transition Group.