How you can help

Help us to fundraise

We are grateful to those who have dedicated their time and energy to raising funds for our charity. As a result we have held a fantastic range of events - everything from 'open mic' sessions at a community café to culture awareness events at our offices and 'fun days in the local community'. If you are interested in getting involved, meeting new people and helping us to raise much needed funds then please get in touch by visiting our contact page, we'd be delighted to hear from you.

If you raise money to help us provide services then it is only fair that you tell us how you would like to see it spent. Our most pressing need is for money to support our running costs but there are a whole range of things that we simply cannot afford to provide which you may like to help fund. You won't be alone either, we offer you as much support as you need so that you'll find it a rewarding and satisfying experience.