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Who we help

We can help you if....

You are living in bed and breakfast accommodation.

You are living in unsuitable or inadequate temporary accommodation.

You are about to lose your home.

You are in housing crisis.

You are the parent or main carer of a child under 16 years of age.

You are finding refuge after fleeing the family home due to an abusive spouse or partner.


We can help you with:

Housing or accommodation issues

Welfare and benefit entitlements

Immigration issues

Finding employment

Problems in the family

Finding refuge from an abusive spouse or partner

Health and wellbeing




For a cup of tea and a friendly chat to find out more about how we can help come and see us at

St. John's Church Hall,
Gloucester Drive,
N4 2LW

Email us: info@finsburyparkhomeless.org.uk 

Or call us on: 020 8802 7426


“When Dad died we ended up having to move out because Mum couldn’t work. We all sleep in the same bed. There is nowhere to play and Mum shouts a lot. I like the play scheme because I get to play football and eat toast.”

Barra, aged 8